ECOS – Escuela de Constelaciones Sistémicas (ECOS Systemic Constellations School)


Our vision of therapy consists in creating a healing space for the individual as well as the family through a careful and competent accompaniment: “Healing is a process in which something that has been excluded, rejected or ignored finds its adequate place in the person and hence peace.”
It is with this intention that we offer training in Family Constellations, weekend workshops, individual therapy and five days retreats that take place in the desert of Morocco, the Mediterranean coast of Spain, and in the island of Ibiza.

All our actions draw on some essential ethical principles, which are:

• Respecting our consultants.
• Acknowledging our own limits.
• Treating everything that is confided to us with discretion.

Family Constellations are our primordial tool. Nonetheless, our interest in learning has taken us into different directions. Among our trainings and the approaches that inspire us in psychotherapy, you can find the Gestalt Therapy, Brainspotting – an excellent method for trauma treatment, the bodywork based on Energy Centers Movement, and specially Richard Erskine’s Integrative Psychotherapy, which has contributed profoundly to our vision and comprehension of the human being and the therapeutic process.

The arrival of Family Constellations in Spain with the first visit of Bert Hellinger in 1999 added to the field of psychotherapy a method that has proven to be powerful and healing. It immediately generated a great interest among the professionals, and in consequence, a strong demand for training in this new therapeutic approach appeared. By the end of 2001, Peter gave the first training in Madrid. That was the seed of our institute ECOS. Over the last fifteen years, we have grown both as therapists and as trainers, having given hundreds of workshops with thousands of participants.

We, Peter Bourquin and Carmen Cortés, run ECOS and work as a professional couple. We hope that ECOS will keep contributing to the development and spread of Family Constellations in Spain, with the aim of improving the quality of this therapeutic approach.
The training we offer today is the result of the experience accumulated on 25 classes that we have taught since 2001 in different Spanish cities: Barcelona, Bilbao, La Coruña, Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla and Valencia. Thanks to this, ECOS has become one of the most prestigious and experienced institutes in Spain in the field of Family Constellations. Many professionals have trained with us and are working successfully with Family Constellations.

Our training fulfills the requirements of the German association DGfS and is recognized by it:

We appreciate the collaboration throughout the years of several international trainers who have enriched our trainings and from whom we have learned ourselves: Tiiu Bolzmann, Ilse Gschwend, Stephan Hausner, Jutta ten Herkel, Daan van Kampenhout, Wilfried Nelles, Franz Ruppert, Erika Schaefer and Raquel Schlosser.

As both of us like travelling and learning from different cultures, we have been collaborating over the years with different institutes and universities in several countries in Europe and Latin America which has supposed a great learning for us, and our work has benefited very much from it. We have worked in Colombia, Ecuador, England, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Slovenia, Spain and Venezuela.

As a way of spreading this method and our understanding of it, we have published several books, as well of a number of articles:

• Las Constelaciones Familiares (2007)
• El Arte de la Terapia (2011)
• El Gemelo solitario (2014)

The last two books are also translated and published in German.


Born in Germany, he has been living in Spain since 1998, close to Barcelona. He is the founder of ECOS – Escuela de Constelaciones Sistémicas. He is a therapist who works in the humanistic approach, trained in Gestalt Therapy, Brainspotting and Integrative Psychotherapy with Richard Erskine, as well as other therapeutic methods.

He is one of the first therapists who introduced the Family Constellations in Spain, having given more than 600 workshops and led several thousands of constellations. Since 2001, he has been teaching this method in Barcelona, Bilbao, La Coruña, Madrid, Málaga, Sevilla and Valencia. He collaborates as a trainer and supervisor with different therapeutic institutes in Europe and Latin America. He is a teaching member of the German and Spanish associations of Family Constellations (DGFS and AEBH).

He has written the books: LAS CONSTELACIONES FAMILIARES (2007), EL ARTE DE LA TERAPIA (2011), and together with Carmen Cortés, EL GEMELO SOLITARIO (2014), all of them published by Desclée de Brouwer. He is also the author of a number of articles and member of the editorial board of the German review ‘Praxis der Systemaufstellung’. He has been publishing the ECOS – Bulletin since 2005.


Director and teacher at ECOS – Escuela de Constelaciones Sistémicas. She gives Family Constellation training and workshops in different cities in Spain and cooperates as trainer and supervisor with several therapeutic institutes in Spain as well as in Latin America.

She is a Professional Expert in Systemic and Family Constellations by the Real Centro Universitario María Cristina (RCU). She’s also a humanistic therapist trained in different methods: Gestalt Therapy, Brainspotting, SAT with Claudio Naranjo, Energy Centers Gymnastics. She is in ongoing training in Integrative Psychotherapy with Richard Erskine.

She has written, in collaboration with Peter Bourquin, the book “El Gemelo Solitario”, published in Spain by Desclée de Brouwer, Bilbao, 2014.


ECOS has collaborated in the training and supervision of students with the following therapeutic institutes:

… in Spain

• Centro de Psicología Cintra, Sant Cugat, Barcelona
• Meta – Escola d´Autoconeixement, Barcelona
• Instituto Alecés, Barcelona and Lugo
• Fundación ABB, Barcelona
• Centro Dendros, Barcelona
• Institut de Interacción, Barcelona
• Antigona Salud, Bilbao
• Centro Psicosom, A Coruña
• Real Centro Universitario María Cristina, El Escorial
• Esser Institut, Elche
• Centro AD’s, Girona
• Centro Umayquipa, Madrid
• Universidad Complutense, Madrid
• Instituto Galene, Madrid
• Instituto Azane, Málaga
• LaMar – Escuela de Gestalt, Málaga
• Centro de Psicologia Tara, Murcia
• Universidad de Murcia
• Jera-Gestalt, Sevilla
• Escuela de Psicoterapia de Valencia
• Asociación 12, Zaragoza

… and abroad

• educArte, Sienna, Italy
• eurasys – Europäische Akademie für Systemaufstellungen, Germany
• Posicionamiento Sistémico, Bogotá, Colombia
• Escuela de Terapia Transgeneracional, Bogotá y Cali, Colombia
• Neopsicología, Bogotá, Colombia
• Fundación FAMI, Quito, Ecuador
• Universidad Central de Quito, Ecuador
• Universidad Católica de Ambato, Ecuador
• Krisanat, Quito, Ecuador
• Universidad La Concordia, Aguascalientes, México
• Instituto de Estudios Transgeneracionales, México D.F.